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A super quick search on Google will show you all the results on how thousands of freelance graphic design platforms are available online. With all of these freelance graphic design platforms out there, it’s important to know that not all of them are reliable. You can’t just pick one randomly and take things to the next step. Surely, you don’t want to waste your time. Or more importantly, your money on hiring the wrong graphic designer. Not only will it waste your money. But will also make the whole process much longer. 

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The last thing on your freelance graphic design to-do list, apart from attempting to create your own graphic design, is to hire a random freelance designer with no proven work. Because it’s better to do proper research first. Instead of ending up with a plagiarized design. Or with a designer who creates a fuss about making the revisions that you need.

To get the best value out of your money and time, find a talented and experienced freelance graphic designer. One that has some proven work to show you as a sample. This way you will be able to receive consistently high-quality graphic designs. For your convenience, we have gathered some of the best and top-rated freelance graphic design platforms. With all the small details about the platform explained below.

1. Fiverr Freelance Graphic Design


As you have already seen this coming, the first freelance graphic design platform on your list is Fiverr. It is one of the best and well-known freelance graphic design marketplaces around. A great option for those businesses who are looking for freelance graphic design work while staying on a budget. That is exactly the whole point of the name of the platform, Fiverr, which means all the services are priced at just $5. However, they don’t have that same pricing model any longer. But there’s a slight possibility of finding low-priced services while availing quality work. 

You can get your hands on pretty much anything. From designs for business cards and flyers to logos and brand graphics. The platform offers multiple search filters to help you customize your search for the best freelance graphic designer. It is an extremely affordable option as it doesn’t have any membership fees and offers services at a minimum of $5.

2. 99designs Freelance Graphic Design

99 designs

99designs is a freelance graphic design platform that allows designers to showcase their work and collaborate with potential clients. Here, they have freelancers for over 90 different types of design services. From managing a logo design, creating a landing page to designing a business card, and helping with eCommerce website design. It lets you conduct contests from where you can select a freelancer with the best proposal. 

Every single freelancer on this platform is thoroughly screened and vetted. Just to ensure that the consumers are dealing with the best. Additionally, 99designs has all introduced a 24–48-hour resolution time. In case of any complaints and disputes. They have three fixed-priced membership packages ranging from $199 to $599. But, the major downside of the platform is its lengthy and time-consuming process. 

3. Upwork


You have probably been living under a rock if you still haven’t heard about Upwork freelance graphic design. This well-known platform was initially created under a different name, Elance oDesk. With easy access to over 300,000 freelance graphic design and web designers in a single place. It’s a sure thing, you will have no trouble finding freelancers for your freelance graphic design work. Overall, it’s a great place to find skilled designers for different projects while keeping in mind your budget. 

Upwork has some great features for its users’ convenience. It offers search filters that help viewers to narrow their talent pool. Also, the platform is an online workspace that enables it to communicate and share feedback. A mobile application is also available just so that you can manage your project anytime, anywhere. They offer three plans, starting from absolutely free to $499 per month.

4. Toptal


Toptal is said to be one of the best freelance graphic design marketplaces. Why? Because they are extremely selective with whom they allow on their platform. The website claims to house the “top 3%” of talent. Hence, this is what the name indicates. The platform is famous for its rigorous screening process when choosing a freelance graphic designer for its hiring staff. 

This clarifies that if you opt for Toptal, you will only be getting the best of the best. As their team does all the work for you, you don’t have to waste a second searching for the best freelance graphic designers. Their pricing system is a bit complicated. Once you choose who you want to work with, you have to deposit $500. This amount is refunded once the job is finished. Along with the deposit, you have to pay the freelancer their hourly rate. 


freelance graphic design is the oldest freelancing website in the freelance graphic design industry. Founded in the year 2009. The platform brings a huge number of talented freelance graphic designers to one location online. Just so that you don’t have to worry about finding the best designer for your project. It also enables you to hire freelancers for a part-time or full-time job.

On this platform, they create a detailed design portfolio for all freelancers. This allows the clients to carefully screen the right candidates for their work. They also conduct a certification exam to confirm each freelancer’s skillset. has four affordable membership plans. Starting from $0.87 to $27.91 per month. Read more about web design and user experience.


Hiring an experienced and talented freelance graphic designer doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Obviously, only if you do it the right way. All you have to do is use one of the platforms that we have mentioned here. And you will easily find the perfect freelance graphic design for your projects. Check out our latest blog post.