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Make your car stand out with our unique and eye-catching car wrap designs that are sure to turn heads everywhere you go!

Custom Car Wrap Designs for Your Brand

Get ready to make a statement on Houston's roads with our exceptional custom car wrap designs. Our highly talented team specializes in expert car wrapping in Houston, transforming your ride into a head-turning masterpiece. Trust us to take your ordinary car to the next level with our bespoke designs that capture your unique style and personality.

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Color change

Color change

If you're pondering over the idea of getting your car repainted, there's an alternative and budget-friendly solution that we offer - vinyl film wrap. You can revamp your vehicle's appearance with a variety of color options and finishes to select from, including glossy, matte, rough, and chrome-plated. It's a simple process that can make your car look brand new again without breaking the bank.

Ceramic coating

If you're on the lookout for an economical solution to give your car a high-gloss finish, consider applying a ceramic coat. Not only does it give a stunningly shiny look, but it also offers robust protection to your vehicle's exterior from various environmental factors like water, dirt, and weather.

Car wrap designs

If you're looking to design a custom car wrap but feeling overwhelmed, don't worry - our team of creative designers is here to help. We have the necessary tools and expertise to bring your ideas to life, while also keeping your budget in mind. Our designers can suggest different wrap design ideas and material options, ensuring you get a stunning, unique design that fits your vision and budget.

Custom vehicle wraps

Whether you have a small taxi or a large trailer, we've got you covered. We offer custom wheel wrapping for any vehicle, no matter the size. Our team of experts will design and wrap your ride, ensuring it looks great and stands out on the road. Bring your vehicle in for a personalized assessment today!

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Yes! Wraps help protect your vehicle from scratches, abrasions, and environmental factors. This makes it a great way of improving a car’s resale value. What’s more, it’s a cheaper option than repainting.

If the paint on your vehicle is in good condition, then a car wrap will not damage the paintwork. However, if it’s chipped, the paintwork may peel off when the wrap is removed.

Definitely! We design, create, and apply partial car wraps as well. We're ready to wrap a part of your car depending on your budget and the design you want.

The cost of car wrapping can vary depending on the size of the wrap and the material used. Talk to our experts today to get an estimate of the cost for your car.

Why choose Artisticore

If you have a unique car wrap design in mind, look no further. Our team of talented designers specializes in creating customized designs that will make your car stand out from the rest. With our expertise, we can save you time and money by developing top-notch car wrap designs that are tailored to your exact specifications. Let us bring your vision to life with our professional design services.


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