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Character Design

What makes a great character design?

As the name suggests for itself, character design is the process of creating a design of literally any character (a human or otherwise). While a character artist or character designer is the man or woman behind the art. They create the concept, style, and artwork of a character from scratch. This whole thoughtful process includes a deep look into the character’s personality. In order to create a realistic visual idea of the character’s physical features. No doubt that creating even a single character from scratch requires a lot of creative energy. Mainly because of this reason, the whole process is kind of typical and very complex. Additionally, it is also one of the most sought careers for aspiring entertainment artists.


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Every individual artist has their own and unique process of creativity. As there is no so-called “right way” to create a character. It’s more of a “you, do you” type of concept. That means do whatever suits you best and give you the desired result.

Process of creating a character design

But, as expected, the character design process begins with a briefing of the character. Before diving in, you need to have a clear thought of what your character is going to be. A character can be anything, from a mutant turtle with ninja-like abilities or just a normal human being who lives a simple life. Along with the briefing step, there is often a series of suggested traits. Be they physical or emotional. But these traits are crucial as they are the one that gives your character a realistic feel. Once designers are done with the thought process, they use these notes to start thumbnailing their ideas.

Our expert team will bring your vision to life while ensuring its quality and effectiveness. Now, what are you waiting for? Get in contact with us and design the perfect character design to showcase your ideas today. Read more about graphic designcolor theory and brochure design.


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