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WordPress is the go-to software for web development. But only a top-notch site will allow you to beat the competition. And that's where we come in.

Artisticore is a WordPress design and development agency that offers complete WordPress solutions. So we’re here to help, whether you’re thinking about launching a website from scratch or simply redesigning your existing one. Get in touch with us today!

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Custom WordPress Website Development

Custom WordPress Website Development

We understand that all businesses are unique. That’s why they require custom WordPress solutions. We’ll help customize your WordPress website so that it aligns with the needs of your brand and keeps your customers happy. After all, we both have a common goal - do whatever it takes to grow the business.

WordPress Theme Development

Sure, there are tons of free themes on WordPress. However, they may not be perfect for your business. That’s why you need us. Our expert WordPress website developers have the knowledge, creativity, and experience to develop high-quality custom themes that align with your business requirements.

WordPress Plugin Development

We can help you choose the right plugin to make your WordPress website aesthetically appealing and fully functional. We also develop custom plugins to add new capabilities to your existing site and maximize its functionality.

WooCommerce Development

We’re your one-stop solution to WordPress development. So naturally, we’re also a WooCommerce development agency. Our expert WordPress developers can help add ecommerce functionalities to your WordPress website in no time at all. Now you can incorporate more growth-oriented strategies into your business plans.


WordPress websites are designed to be highly versatile. What this means is that developers can increase a site’s functionality quickly. Moreover, the large community of WordPress users ensures developers have access to many plugin options, updates, and support.

Yes, of course. We don’t believe in the cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach to WordPress website development. We specialize in creating customized WordPress websites. Furthermore, to ensure we build powerful digital solutions for every business, we take the time to understand individual requirements before starting the development process.

There are various ways we customize WordPress websites for our clients. For instance, we can customize the style and look using any of the themes and plugins available on WordPress.

Yes. We know that migrating to a new system can be time-consuming and challenging. Now you can focus on running your business while we’ll take care of the entire migration process. We ensure you don’t suffer data loss, data leaks, or downtime during the process.

What Makes Your Services Special?

We know you want to hook your customers and grow your business. As an established full-service development agency, we can help develop a strong online presence and extend your branding efforts. What’s more, we have years of experience in WordPress website development. Our comprehensive WordPress skills and up-to-date tools allow us to design flawless custom WordPress sites for your business. And the best part is that we use a seamless process-driven strategy to ensure all our clients are satisfied.


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