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Star Wars Logo

The Iconic Film Star Wars logo

You have probably been living under a rock if you don’t know about the Star Wars movie. Star Wars is deeply rooted in our culture. Literally, who are you, if you haven’t seen The Empire Strikes Back. The latest trailer of the Last Jedi has crossed over 100 million views in a matter of time. It makes complete sense to say that Star Wars isn’t going anywhere any time soon. And so is their Star Wars Logo. This film saga has been around for more than four decades. And has evolved to keep up with the trends and times. It’s a mere fact that what worked for the Star Wars logo in the 70s was never going to work in our generation.

Star Wars Logo
Star Wars Logo

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Star Wars logo Movie History and Facts

In the late 70s, the original title for the very first film was just “Star Wars”. Nothing more, and nothing less. Out of many different logos, the team finally commissioned one by the typographer, Dan Perri. Then, for the second movie, the logo was designed by Suzy Rice. As it was a request of George Lucas that the new star wars logo looks fascist. She used bold standardized fonts, harsh lines, and severe graphics to create the world’s most ubiquitous logos, for now.

One of the most anticipated sequels is The Empire Strikes Back. The logo consists of angled texts with chunky letters and sharp angles that represent what the movie is about. Afterward, the logo of Return of the Jedi came out. To be honest with you, it’s a very simple logo that anyone can pull off with Microsoft Word. The color changed from yellow to red to evoke an ominous feeling. The prequel trilogy logos put all the emphasis on the title of the movie. But the word prequel was something new for the audience. They had to place their emphasis on the episode numbers. Since Disney bought Lucasfilm, they had to give things a new turn. Their aim was to remind people why they loved Star Wars in the first place. Thus, all of their focus was to put greater emphasis on the original logo.

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