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What is the difference between the RGB vs CMYK

For any designer, it’s important to know the difference between the RGB vs CMYK color modes. Just so that you can plan and optimize each stage of your design process. Well, it requires more than just knowing what the letters stand for. You have to know which one will be the best option for any of your projects RGB vs CMYK. As it depends on where and how your end result will be displayed.


RGB color mode

RGB color mode is the best option for digital images.

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If your design will be displayed on any screen. Then, RGB color mode is your go-to. The process of how it functions is quite simple. A light source creates any color you need. Just by mixing red, green, and blue. Then its intensity varies. This particular process is known as additive mixing.

All of these colors begin as pure black. And then red, green, or blue is added. These three colors are added on top of one another to brighten up. And create the perfect pigment you need. When all of these three colors, red, green, or blue are mixed together at equal intensity. They form a pure white color as a result. Choose RGB color mode if your design project includes web & app design, branding, social media posts. Or any other visual content including video, infographics, photographs, etc. The best file formats for RGB mode are GIFS, PSD, JPEGs, and PNGs.

RGB vs CMYK color mode

RGB vs CMYK, CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key/Black. It is the perfect color space for print materials. Any printing machine creates images by blending CMYK colors to specific degrees with physical ink. This whole process is known as subtractive mixing. Every color initially starts with blank white and then each layer of ink minimizes the initial brightness to create the desired color. If all of these colors are mix together, it creates pure black. Your go-to is CMYK mode if your design project includes advertising, merchandise, branding materials like stickers, business cards, and stationery, product packaging, or essential menus. The best file formats for CMYK mode are AI, EPS, and PDFs.

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