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If you have a knack for learning and working with technology. Or a true passion for design and willingness to face the challenge of making different online tools better. Then a career in web development is the right choice for you. Specifically for the people living in Houston, Texas. Mainly because there is an increasing demand in the Houston web development field. But the first and foremost question is, What is web development? What does it actually take to become a professional web developer? -And how much can one make in the Texas web development field?

In this article, we’ll guide you through the whole process. And how you can get into the Texas web development field and mark your own place. Along with all the important information that you need to know.

What Is Web Development, And What Does It Include?

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To begin with, it’s best to have a clear understanding of web development. As the name refers, it includes developing a website from scratch for the Internet. It ranges anywhere from developing a basic static page to a complex web application, social network services, and electronic businesses. However, we can also list a few tasks that the term web development includes. For example, web design, web content development, web engineering, web server, client liaison, e-commerce development, network security configuration, and client-side scripting.

For professionals, the word “web development” refers to the non-design aspects of developing a website, i.e., coding and writing markup. But sometimes, it also includes using Content Management Systems (CMS). In order to make editing or adding any changes to the website content easier and more accessible with just basic technical skills.

Necessary Steps To Take To Enter The Field Of Texas Web Development

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When making your decision to enter the field of Texas web development, you also decided to become a coder. You may already have your mind made up and things finalized. But most probably, I don’t have any idea about what to do in order to succeed in the field of Texas web development. Determination and a passion for learning play a prominent role in helping to achieve your dream. But you will also need a few essential soft skills, technical capabilities, and knowledge about programming languages.

This is why we have highlighted a few necessary steps that every web developer should consider beforehand.

1. Get To Know About The Technology

From the learning perspective, where you should begin your academic journey highly depends on your knowledge of coding. You may already have some experience in the field or absolutely none. If you are just starting your journey as a newbie with no experience. Then you may need to spend some extra time brushing up on the basics. As this will prove to be helpful in the long run.

However, if you are planning to continue your career as a programmer. It’s best to dedicate time to learning as much as possible. Get familiar with the most popular and useful coding languages, technology, and tools. Some of the key technologies that you may want to get the basic knowledge about are:

  • JavaScript
  • Database Management
  • PHP and Scripting
  • Development Frameworks and Libraries

2. Choose The Right Educational Path

When it comes to getting a job, it’s a fact that no one will hire you with zero skills and knowledge. As this is a necessity to secure a job in a reputable company. In the field of Texas web development, it’s a must to have some knowledge about programming. Particularly if you are willing to build a career in the field. However, whatever educational path you take will depend on your long-term goals, circumstances, and available resources. Basically, in order to become a web developer, these are the three educational routes you can take:

  • University
  • Boot-camp
  • Self-guided

3. Choose Your Form Of Specialty

Along with planning your education, you should also dedicate some time to plot a general course for your career in the field of Texas web development. Almost every single web developer chooses some form of specialty. Even those who are just looking to enhance their skills in the overall areas of web development.

In general, there are three primary roles a coder can play in the professional world, i.e., full-stack, front-end, and back-end development. According to a recent survey, almost 55.2% of developers identify themselves as back-end coders. While 55% of developers identify themselves as full-stack developers. Additionally, only 37% as front-end coders. So, choose wisely.

4. Keep Enhancing And Learning New Skills

In order to easily secure a job, you must build a strong portfolio that makes you stand out. With the help of a portfolio, you get an amazing opportunity to put your theoretical knowledge into practice. This way, you can better demonstrate your creativity and skill to employers.

Don’t ever end your education on your formal curriculum. Particularly in the field of Houston, Texas, web development, it’s crucial to keep up your skills. In order to achieve consistent success and ongoing job growth. Mainly because standards, frameworks, and languages are always evolving. Read more about UI/UX design and custom websites.

How Much Can One Make In The Field Of Texas Web Development?

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According to some statistics, web development continues to be one of the careers on the rise. It is expected to see a rise of eight percent in the web developer’s job growth between the years 2019-2029. Twice as faster as the average expected for all the other professions.

Generally, web developers make an average salary of $73,760 per year. But the salary of a person can depend on their knowledge, experience, and the area they live in. However, wages aren’t the same all over the world. But specifically in the field of Texas web development, the average salary is $75,060. As mentioned above, it can be lower or higher depending on one’s experience.