Custom Website Design or Template Based Website: Which One Is Better

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Custom Website Design

When starting out a business or just creating or redesigning a business website. One comes across quite a few terms that they have no idea about. Mainly because some of these terms are highly neglected. And a large number of people are not even aware of these terms. However, one of them is Custom website design. But if you have been researching different websites, what are your options? Then maybe you have come across what a custom website design is.

This leads us to the real question, i.e., do you need a brand-new website for your business? If yes, then there are some factors to consider. And some necessary decisions to make. Out of all of them, one is whether you should opt for a custom website design or a template-based website. Because a template-based or custom website design will determine the whole course of your digital marketing strategy.

For this purpose, it is a must to understand the meaning and pros and cons of both template-based and custom website design. So, let’s dive in and determine which route you should take.

Website Templates

Template Based Website

There are hundreds or even thousands of themes and website providers available out there. If you ask me, choosing one for yourself can prove to be difficult. As with so many options, it becomes hard to choose one. But what exactly is a website template? Basically, it’s a pre-designed webpage. Or a set of HTML web pages that is easily accessible by anyone.

This pre-designed resource consists of the basic structure for a comprehensive layout and other display features for a website. In general, it is also known as a page template or web page template. Several providers offer various types of different themes and layouts. You probably already know about Squarespace, Wix, and GoDaddy due to their advertisements.

But WordPress completely steals the show. It is one of the most popular and commonly used platforms for these sites. They offer all kinds of free and paid themes. This makes it easy to choose one according to your own preference and needs. It is a go-to option for those customers who want a website that only serves a few simple purposes.

Additionally, one that doesn’t require dozens of custom requirements. As it is cheap, you will also be able to save on design and development. Afterward, the best option is to invest back in your website’s SEO structure and link building. All for specific traffic generation.

Pros of Website Templates

  1. Website templates have an extremely short development cycle as compared to custom website design. So, it’s ideal for those who are in a hurry. And need a site in a short amount of time.
  2. As they are cost-effective, so they are great for people who have a small budget. Also, it provides all the essential tools needed to launch a site at a much lower cost.
  3. It doesn’t require expert-level knowledge about coding to create a website with the help of these templates. Anyone can build a website in no time without knowing even a bit of CSS and HTML.
  4. By using these pre-designed templates, you don’t have to spend a lot on upfront costs. Just to set up your website.

Cons of Website Templates

  1. Because of being easily available, there is a high ratio of businesses using templates for their website. This makes it almost impossible to stand out in the crowd. And increases your chances of getting lost in cyberspace.
  2. Website templates don’t allow you to customize your website according to your needs. Basically, there are some limitations on customizations.
  3. Many templates available online are not always built to be mobile responsive.

Custom Website

custom website

There is an obvious reason why large and renowned companies choose a custom website design. When they can also work within a set theme. Mainly because this website design is twice more effective in generating business. To put it into easy words, custom websites are built from scratch. Such websites are uniquely designed and built for a particular business. But it does require high-level skills and knowledge to bring it all together.

Since it is designed specifically for a company, there is no need to worry about any additional features. Almost all website templates are generally built for different types of after-market alterations. On the contrary, custom website designs efficiently offer a company exactly it’s needs. To begin with, it initially starts with brainstorming designs and processes and laying out a proper plan. All of this is done by keeping in mind that it represents the brand and its value.

Opting for this website design makes it easier to understand quite a few things. For instance, your targeted audience, how do you want to reach a larger audience, what your website needs, and how you are willing to represent your brand on digital platforms.

Pros of Custom Website

  1. One of the biggest advantages of custom website design is that it helps you to stand out in the market competition.
  2. Because custom websites are built to be search engine friendly, they tend to rank higher on search engines.
  3. It gives your website credibility and allows you to brand yourself as a professional organization.
  4. Additionally, with the help of a content management system (CMS), you are able to keep your website content up-to-date.

Cons of Custom Website

  1. These websites can be heavy on your pockets, as they are created and built by professionals. In some cases, you may also have to spend extra for any additional services.
  2. Because of customization and meeting the needs of a customer, it takes a longer time to build a custom website design.
  3. In order to add new features or pages to your website, you will need a support team for design and development. Or to do it yourself, a strong background in coding. Read more about texas web development and restaurant website design.

Which Option Is The One For You?

Make sure to thoroughly review all the pros and cons of using either one of them. And consider the overall strategy of your business site. Now, depending on your business needs, you can make a final decision. Whether you need a custom website design or a template-based website.