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What does prototype mean?

One of the most important steps of the design process is prototyping. Yet, it is still quite confusing for many designers and project teams. The exact definition of a prototype is unclear. But it can be literally anything. From a series of sketches that represent different screens to a pixel perfect prelaunch interface. In simple words, it is an early model, sample, or even release of a product. Particularly built to test a process or concept. The term “prototype” is used in a variety of contexts. Including design, electronics, semantics, and software programming. The aim of the prototype is basically to test products. Before putting in lots of time, money, and effort into the final product.


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Generally, it is a step in-between the formalization. And an evaluation of one’s idea. Also, a practice used in every single design discipline. Including engineers, architects, industrial designers, etc. And even service designers. The main purpose of a prototype is to create a tangible model. Basically, to find a solution to all the problems. These solutions are already discussed and defined by professional designers during the concept stage.

Process and Purpose

Oftentimes, prototypes fail when they are tested by designers. This helps them to identify where the problem lies. And sends them back to the initial design process. Another major advantage of prototypes is that investment is small. So apparently the risk is very low. Basically, the four main qualities of prototypes are precision, representation, interactivity, and evolution.

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