How To Make An Appealing Whiteboard Animation Video?

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You have probably heard about the power of whiteboard animation videos. The potential they have to educate an audience about any concept or information is immense. It is also an easy way to present an idea that sells. 

What Is a Whiteboard Animation Video?

Whiteboard Animation Video is a process of storytelling using drawings on a whiteboard. It creates an idea of the artist drawing in front of the camera. While recording themselves during the whole process. They are a great educational tool and have endless possibilities. It can be used to simplify a complex message. Additionally, to make it more engaging and entertaining for the viewers.  

whiteboard animation

According to a study, you can easily increase your landing page’s conversion rate by 80% by adding a video. As a matter of fact, around 400 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube, every single minute. 

Clearly, the competition is very tough. And it’s not a piece of cake either to create a whiteboard animation video. If it was that simple, almost every business had achieved great success. You have many options available on the internet. Including whiteboard animation video software, whiteboard animation video maker, Fiverr whiteboard animation video, whiteboard animation app, etc. But it’s crucial to hire a professional for effective results. 

Tips To Make An Appealing Whiteboard Animation Video

Tips To Make An Appealing Whiteboard Animation Video

To create a great whiteboard animation video, follow some of these rules to achieve your goal. Although, you may come across countless ineffective pieces of advice. This article highlights the proven tips and tricks that will enhance the quality of your whiteboard animation videos.

1.Add A Story

Firstly, you need a well-written script. Before starting with your whiteboard animation video, you must think about a story. No person can resist a well-told story. A script acts as the backbone of a video. Surely, you can add all visual characteristics. But they can’t make a video of their own. At this exact point, the power of storytelling comes in. 

Take your time to write a script for your animated explainer video. As it is the most critical step. You may get away with a low-quality video, but a messed-up story will ruin the entire purpose of making a video in the first place. Every video script you write must have a hook, story, and call to action. It’s best to consult a copywriter as they will be able to provide quality work. 

2.Read Your Script Loud

Once you are done with writing a script, share it with your team. Then read it out loud to them. This will help you to know if you wrote what you want to say to your viewers. Your script should sound natural. You want to make sure your speed of speech, voice inflections, emphasis on words, etc., sounds as natural as possible. Focus on the areas where there is room for improvement. Make the final changes and edit.

3.Keep It Short

Humans have a short attention span. They are more likely to be multitasking while using the internet. For example, see all the tabs you have open at the moment. Are you paying equal attention to your social media accounts, messages, emails, and that blog you were reading? Chances are probably not. 

This is the reason why you want to capture your audience’s attention throughout the whole video. And making a short whiteboard animation video increase these chances. It’s ideal to keep the length of your video between 60 to 90 seconds. As a result, you will be able to communicate a message and maintain their undivided attention.

4.Create A Storyboard

After finishing your scriptwriting, it’s time to take the next step. That is creating your storyboard. Before digging deep, let’s answer a simple question. What is a storyboard? It shows all the necessary scenes of your video. In order to make the process easier for animators, illustrators, and voice-over artists. 

You can consider it as a draft for the illustrations. Or maybe design the screens and pair each one with their particular part of the script.  Feel free to choose the way that works best with your animation and illustration team. But never ever skip the storyboard. As it will extend the process while making it difficult for your design team. 

5. Keep Up With The Traditional Whiteboard Animation Style

The tech world is rapidly changing and making advancements by every single second. Along with technology, the taste of the people has also evolved. However, the factor that makes whiteboard animation videos effective still remains the same. The classic style of a whiteboard animation video plays a key role in its effectiveness. 

whiteboard animation

No matter what, don’t try to deviate from the classic whiteboard style. As it will have a major impact on the final results. Some of the things that the traditional style of whiteboard contains

  • Continuous drawing
  • White background
  • And drawing hand

These three things give it a recognizable style. In spite of this, there are no restrictions to add some personal details. Take things to a new level by using modern fancy technologies. You can add whiteboard animation after effects to make it more entertaining and interesting to the viewer.

6.Add Interesting Animated Characters

The characters you use in your video keep your story together. Animated characters play a major part in making the video entertaining and interesting. Try to use compelling characters that seem relevant to the story you’re telling. Your buyer personas are the perfect representation of your ideal customers.  

This will ensure that the figures represent your target audience’s taste and preference. While adding a personal touch. And making the whiteboard animation video more engaging and memorable. With the help of animated characters, your story will keep moving forward. More importantly, they make your viewers feel empathy and they can identify with them. 

7.Never Forget The Drawing Hand

As revealed by a recent study, there are mirror neurons present in the human brain. These neurons help us to feel the pain, satisfaction, and joy of others by observation. This is one of the main reasons why a whiteboard animation video is great at convincing people. All because of the drawing hand. 

For this reason, we feel so involved in the particular activity happening in the video. Just by observing the video’s drawing side. It gives us humans some sort of second-hand satisfaction. 

The whole point of a whiteboard animation video is the fact that there is an artist drawing your story in real-time. No hand means not a whiteboard animation video. You can surely remove the drawing hand. But keep in mind that the drawing hand contributes to the effectiveness of your video.

8.Play With Colors

Classic whiteboard animation videos are all black and white drawings. More like a black ink drawing and a plain white background. However, with the latest advancement and trends, it can include many different colors. And actually, there is no harm in adding these fun colors. 

Not only it enhances the video’s effectiveness but also makes it visually appealing. Remember not to deviate from the traditional whiteboard principles. As they are the key to the power of the whiteboard animation video.  You can add colors to the necessary parts of the video to gain the viewer’s attention. Make sure to have enough knowledge about the color theory. And choose the colors that suit your brand and characters, and effectively deliver your message.

9.Add Education With A Lil Bit Of Entertainment

All whiteboard animation videos are about simplifying complex topics. Then share them with the audience for educational purposes. Solely, creating a video to convey some important information makes it boring for the viewers. The addition of the entertainment factor dictates the quality of your video. 

Add Education With A Lil Bit Of Entertainment

Drawing, relatable characters, interesting stories, and the subject is the recipe for good entertainment. As a matter of fact, when people are having fun, they learn deeper and faster. This is what makes whiteboard animation videos a powerful learning tool. Only the addition of bright characters, music, background, and a new script makes the video engaging. While making the viewers stick to your whiteboard animation video. Read more about business website and graphic design services.

10. Consult With Professional Whiteboard Animation Agency

However, if you are not an expert then there is no point in doing everything on your own. A poor-quality video will not end up anywhere online. But it can ruin your brand’s reputation in a matter of seconds. Try to consult a professional in whiteboard animation videos like Artisticore to benefit from their expertise. Additionally, you can also use whiteboard animation software to produce medium-quality videos. Check out our latest blog post.