Important Questions To Ask Before Redesigning Your Business Website

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Redesigning Your Business Website

According to a recent survey, there are nearly more than 1.5 billion business websites available online. This particular figure appears to be growing at a fast pace. Resulting in stiff competition for website traffic for all the active business websites on the internet.

In this crowd, it’s always best to stay one step ahead by investing in a great business website redesign. One that gives your whole business website a new look. And makes the user experience 10 times better. Additionally, it’s also a good option if you are a small business that wants to gain traffic. The decision to create a business website. Or even considering a business website redesign. Quite often generate some serious doubts in a person’s mind.

Without any doubt, redesigning any website from scratch is a huge undertaking. Because it requires a lot of work and is a huge commitment and investment. No matter how long your website has been online. You probably have a few things in mind that you would like to change. But does that even mean that you need to redesign the whole website? Not definitely.

Before diving into taking such an important step, it’s crucial to ask yourself. Why are you doing it in the first place? If you don’t have a proper answer to this question, then it’s best to ask yourself some more important questions. By answering all these questions, you will be sure that you are putting in the effort for every right reason. This little bit of prep work will help make the whole process easier.

Keep in mind

On a side note, keep this one thing in mind. Just because a single question applies to you. That doesn’t mean you 100% need a redesign. Only if more than one of these questions applies, then maybe it’s time. To say good riddance to your current website and move on to better things.

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Redesigning A Business Website

Some of the questions that you need to ask yourself before starting a business website redesign are:

When was the last time you updated your business website?

Update your business website

Particularly, the answer to this one question is a huge indicator of the time. That you’ll be spending on your business website redesign. In case you haven’t updated your website for over a year. Then redesigning will take more time.

Basically, the more outdated a website is, the less it will appear in the search results. Because of this, it means reduced traffic, exposure, and revenue. While on the contrary, if you are keeping up with the content updates. Then it will take a shorter time that will be devoted to design and optimization.

What is the problem with your current business website?

The answer to this question could be something quite obvious. Like an outdated business website that is not easy to use. Or it just might be the fact that you never get any new leads. Mainly through your business website, even though you are actively marketing your business.

Try digging a little deeper to find clues on what you need to work on. If you want, make a list of all the issues your website is facing. This will help you start planning what you need to focus on when redesigning your business website.

Is your business website just outdated, or is the web design poor?

As the saying goes, you only get to make a great first impression once. This goes for your website too. In addition to offering good products/solutions and content, it must also catch the viewer’s attention.

Now, take a look at your website and ask yourself a question. Does your website give you the vibes of being a customer attraction? And, more importantly, a conversion tool? If the answer is yes, congrats. If that’s not the case, then you know what time it is.

Are you changing/updating your products or services?

Are you changing updating your products or services of business website

When introducing new products/services or just changing the existing ones. There might be a need to redesign your business website. In order to support those changes or new additions. Otherwise, it will give an irrelevant and outdated look.

For example, if you own an eCommerce store that initially started by selling men’s clothing exclusively. But now you have decided to expand your business by including women’s clothing. Then you may need to consider a new business website design to accommodate those changes.

Has your target audience shifted?

Many different things can cause a major shift in your target audience. Including a rebrand, a product launch or new service, brand consolidation, an acquisition or merger, and many more. Despite the cause, you may want to consider making a decision on the website redesign.

The whole point of your website structure is to be visually appealing to your target audience. Once that audience starts to change, it becomes necessary for your site to adapt to those changes. Surely, you don’t want your website to become stagnant. Instead, adjust your site’s appeal to fit your new audience.

Can everyone easily access your website?

With time passing by, renowned search engines are becoming more particular with the structure and design of websites. To be specific about one, Google is constantly making more algorithm updates. And insists on having a mobile-responsive design. For maximum success, it’s a must for everyone to adopt a website design that meets all the standards laid down.

To be sure that your website meets all the accessibility standards, you can use many tools available online. These tools will help to keep a check on your site’s performance. Somehow, if your site is failing by any chance, you can take the necessary measures. This may also include redesigning your website to improve its accessibility.

Does your current business website reach your goals?

Every other business website needs to have a specific purpose. It can be anything, such as aiming at driving conversions, generating revenue, or engaging with potential customers. However, no matter the purpose, it should support your business’s main goals.

In order to generate leads for your business website. It’s crucial to have the ability to test CTAs, videos, text, and photos. To build trust and loyalty, ensure that your site has interactive tools for viewers.

Can your potential users effortlessly find whatever they need?

business website can your potential users effortlessly find whatever they need

A great user experience is essential for gaining attention and keeping users on your website. For this purpose, you must ensure that the users can easily find what they are looking for on your site. Primarily, a positive user experience helps your website to rank highly on search engine result pages.

Website speed also contributes to the findability factor of your site. The more time it takes to load something, the more likely it is for a customer to leave. Not only do the web design and web development affect the speed of your website. But also unoptimized images and loads of unnecessary content.

Is your business website mobile-friendly?

With advanced technology and the gain in the popularity of mobile phones. A large number of internet users are increasingly accessing websites on their mobiles. A mobile-friendly web design readily adjusts and responds to the specific screen size of the device in use.

This is the main reason why you need to prioritize building a mobile responsive site. A design that can deliver an optimal viewing experience on tablets and smartphones. Without a responsive site, you can significantly affect your mobile user experience. Additionally, it will also perform poorly on SERPs.

Does it truly reflect your brand?

Your website is a way to represent who you are as a company. And it should essentially reflect your brand strategy. It should be able to represent the quality of products or services you offer.

It’s an obvious fact that over time all businesses evolve, grow and improvise. Likewise, your website should reflect that too. No matter if your company has recently shifted its brand identity. Or maybe even merge with or acquire another organization. Ultimately, you will need a website design that reflects that change.

The Bottom Line

Without any doubt, redesigning a website is nothing like a walk in the park. Along with being a huge commitment itself, it is also only possible with true team efforts. Once you get your answers to all these important questions. You are all ready to kick-start bringing your absolutely new website dream to life. With a clear head and ten times clearer project scope. Also, if you are ready to start yours immediately, you can always contact us to get started instantly. Check out our latest blog post. Check out our Instagram.