Creative Brand Identity Design Trends For Website in 2021

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A viewer only takes around 10 seconds to form an opinion about a company. By the branding of your company, you can make or break your first impression. It is the major factor in forming an opinion of a viewer. If you are willing to leave a good and long-lasting impression on your new customers, then understanding the importance of branding and following the latest brand identity design trends is a must. It will help you gain potential customers as they will want to visit your site again. And you will be instantly recognizable by your existing consumers.

brand identity design

You can’t stick to one type of branding. These brand identity design trends change every other year. Exactly like the brand themselves, these trends need to be up-to-date according to the trend. Otherwise, your site will become old-fashioned and stale. Viewers will think of your website as outdated.

To gain your viewer’s attention and stay relevant in their eyes, it’s best to incorporate creative brand identity design trends of that time. Most of these brand identity design trends of 2021 are from last year that has evolved. Mainly because of the consequence of the events of the year 2020. However, there are also some new additions to it.

To help you stay ahead of the game and gather some inspiration, here we have 12 brand identity design trends for your website in 2021. Hoping this list that we have put together for you gives you some inspiration. While also making you approach the web and its design in a more reachable and inclusive way.

1. Minimalism Brand Identity Design

Minimalism Brand Identity Design

There is no surprise to be seeing this on the top of the list. Minimalistic web designs are the most commonly cited brand identity design trend for 2021. Surely, it has been taking over the brand identity design trend by storm for the past few years and will be continuing to do the same. With all the chaos of 2020, it makes sense for the brands to focus on conveying a feeling of positivity, calmness, and understanding.

Why incorporate a Minimal design?

Why incorporate a Minimal Design?

Brands need to tone it down because the same old in-your-face marketing tactic won’t work for some time to come. Simple and minimal design is acting as a lifesaver. Mainly because it helps the viewer to focus on the necessary information. All the additional details, elements, and excessive words are removed in minimalistic designs. It gives your brand identity design an up-to-date look and proves to be useful in the future.

Undoubtedly, the trend of minimal brand identity design is here to stay for a long time. With the increase in mobile marketing, more customers view the website and its content on smaller screens. Due to its well-organized, plenty of white space, and grouping of textual and visual elements, it’s easy to view on all types of screen sizes.

How to introduce Minimal design to your site?

How to introduce Minimal design to your site?

Minimalism is not a visual style but a design principle. It can be incorporated by introducing several factors into your web design. You can apply a limited color palette by picking a monochromatic color scheme with a few accent colors. By using these accent colors, you can highlight the important elements of your website. Only use those elements which are necessary and serves a purpose. However, don’t be afraid to bore your visitors by maximizing white space. It helps in directing the viewer’s attention to the important details.

2. Geometric Shapes Brand Identity Design

geometric shape Brand Identity Design

The year 2019 was all about liquid and flowing shapes. Although these shapes weren’t easy to recreate and to be adopted by most sites. The flowy, abstract, and liquid shapes have now been replaced with straight-headed and rigid geometric shapes. Thus, 2020 and the following year are all about being minimal and simple. While keeping up with the idea of simplicity, comes the trend of Geometric shapes and patterns. They can be considered pretty basic but with a twist.

Why use Geometric Shapes?

Why use Geometric Shapes?

One of the brand identity design trends for 2021 will be embracing geometric shapes and patterns. Because they are easier to create and to incorporate into your existing design. As a result of continuous use, you can establish consistency across your brand’s visual content. Not only it orders consistency but also adds structure to the visual design.

It can turn into a recognizable element of your brand identity design with constant use. Further, it adds to a minimal design, gives your website an organized and fun look at the same time. The best use of geometric patterns is to create one which mimics an element from your logo. A tip for brands with minimalist logos is to use their logo as the pattern source.

How to use Geometric Shapes and Patterns in your website?

To be very sound and clear, patterns cannot replace or be used as logos and main images. The correct use of geometric patterns for a brand identity design is as an extension. You can create a mesmerizing background with large blocks of repeated graphics.

Geometric patterns find a great balance between stimulating and distracting. You can place them on branding materials to draw attention to your logo. Another good way of using these patterns is in advertisements, t-shirts, printed menus, webpage backgrounds, etc. As a result, it makes it a creative branding trend to follow this year.

3. Natural Brand Identity Design

Natural or organic designs are those designs that are somehow inspired by nature and the world around us. In recent years, we have seen some major progress towards natural designs. Frequently seen in graphic, product, and interior designs, the idea of natural designs is gaining popularity at a fast pace in the world of web design too. Thus, the year 2020 was all about earthy tones in branding, photography, and designs. Also this year, the trend is seen to be playing an important part in brand identity design.

natural Brand Identity Design

The organic design trend is influenced by an increased focus on our environment along with its sustainability. Mostly featuring natural shapes, raw organic textures, warm and earthy colors.

Why use Natural designs?

In the coming future, nature will have a strong impact on how designs are created. We will see a wide range of natural colors being used for different purposes. For a visually layered look, gradients will be used to create an effect of natural light settings. The idea of posed imagery won’t be as appealing to the audience. That is why stock photos will also be natural. There is a high expectation of seeing more earthy tones, and nature in imagery and color palettes.

How to use Natural/Organic design?

The easiest and effective way to add an organic feel to your website is by adding neutral colors. These colors are a duplicate of our environment’s natural palette. For this reason, some of the colors which can be a great addition to your neutral color palette are beiges, greens, blues, faded pinks, white, and soft browns. You can use these colors individually for a simpler look. Or to add a pop of color, pair them with brighter color shades.

4. Dark Mode Brand Identity Design

The dark mode is a feature that we all desperately needed but had no clue about it. It has gained immense popularity in the last year. And it is not going to fade in 2021. Most probably, this trend will continue to be a part of designs for the coming future.


Many different applications, operating systems, and social networks have already embraced this trend. By adding an option to switch to dark mode for their user interface. This is a cherry on top for most users who are loving every bit of this trend. By the end of 2021, dark mode will be a must for modifying brands and building apps.

Why use Dark Mode?

Black is said to be the perfect dark backdrop to make important design elements pop. A large number of designers are opting for the dark mode aesthetic. It gives the design a modern, sleek and stylish look. The dark mode also helps to reduce eye strain which is extremely healthy for the human body.

5. Overlapping Brand Identity Design

Overlapping designs ties into the minimalist design. In the year 2021, we will see more overlapping designs than usual. As for the past years, asymmetry was one of the brand identity design trends. This year is all about breaking those rules of composition in design.


Ditch the idea of having a separate image and title text. It’s a convenient and easy way to overlap the text of the image. This change in design helps to come up with new and unique ideas. It creates a dynamic feel to the website. And helps the viewer to focus on the text.

Why use Overlapping Design in your Brand Identity Design?

One of the major reasons to use overlapping in Brand Identity Design is because it allows the designer to group several elements. By grouping several elements, you will still be able to maintain enough white space on the image and improve its readability. It adds more depth to the image and design. You can create an organized and professional-looking website by overlapping web design elements. It also follows the basic design standards.

Overlapping helps to create connections between different elements because of their proximity to each other. With correct and appropriate use of overlaps and overlays, the content of the site becomes more effective. By adding an interesting and eye-catching overlap design, you can also improve engagement. This design element works very well with smaller devices. Because they are easier to navigate with limited information.

6. Muted Colors Brand Identity Design

In designs, color choice represents a lot like usability, flow, content, and function. It is also one of the elements of graphic design. There was a time when neon colors were all the rage. In recent times, we have seen a distinct shift away from these bold colors to more subtle and muted colors. In easy words, the spotlight is taken by muted colors. Due to the pandemic and situation of the world, brand identity design trends now are in favor of muted colors. Because they give your design a more natural and calmer feel.


You can use as many colors as you want in your design but have to tone down the brightness. To reduce brightness and its appearance, pastel colors with soft hues are mixed with either a white and black base. It doesn’t change the variety of colors but only adds sharpness to them. Muted colors add depth to a page without breaking the rules of minimalist design

Why use Muted colors in Brand Identity Design?

Why use Muted colors in Brand Identity Design?

Using subdue colors gives a more natural, safe, and soothing feeling to the viewer’s eyes. The use of these colors gives more of a professional look to the site. Muted colors increase the time a viewer spends on your website. Because of the comfortable low saturation colors.

A large number of designers use a light color palette to represent a minimalist look. Such colors make the perfect backdrop to hand-drawn styled illustrations and text. Its best and more effective to use bright colors with a combination of muted colors. Otherwise, it can be jarring and uncomfortable for the viewer to look at.

7. Data Visualization

Data has become a major part of the marketing world. In order to display and convey important information about a brand, data visualization is used on sites. By using this data, you can encourage viewers to become your potential customers. This design is a combination of art and science. If one is willing to make a strong impact through content and master data storytelling, it’s an important skill.


Data visualization is the representation of information or some sort of data with the help of charts, maps, tables, infographics, dashboards, pictures, diagrams, etc. It gives a clear idea to the viewer of what a specific piece of information means. This type of data can be naturally grasped by the human mind without any difficulty.

How to incorporate Data Visualization in your web design?

Raw data doesn’t hold much value in the eyes of viewers. Not only to catch their attention but also for their understanding, you need to add context to it. It makes it easier for the viewer to understand easily. No need to add just a bunch of numbers to your data. Instead, ensure that your data is visually appealing. This is what makes data visualization an essential element of visual marketing.

How to improve your data visualization design?

Every data visualization design you choose should enhance your reader’s experience. Consider the design which helps you convey your story. Then, remove unnecessary information as it will take more space. Go over your design once it is created. And give clear thought to what elements can be added, removed, or tweaked. To add more context, include a zero baseline. Always make sure to choose an effective visualization and their placement. If they are used to let your user compare points then don’t place them too far apart. Try not to over-explain, and use simple headers and points. Never use more than 6 colors in a single layout.

8. Social Slide Decks

The rise of social media has changed the whole marketing strategy of content marketers. It has a major impact on how brands and organizations represent their products, services, and the purpose of the brand. A large number of audiences is present on these social media platforms. It is essential to reach out to them in ways that are not only effective but also convenient for the viewers. Social slide decks or carousels are another brand identity design trend of the year 2021.


Carousels are specifically created to be shared on different social media platforms. These marketing decks are visual presentations that act as a tool for selling a service to clients or a product. They are used by public relations managers, marketers, and advertising executives.

Why use Social Slide Decks?

Social slide decks are a great way to spread brand awareness. They encourage viewers to explore more about your brand while also asking them to visit a specific link. It’s ideal to promote a product or service. You can also use decks to convey useful information which will help you gain customer’s trust. By using this tactic effectively, users will look forward to your posts. Maybe even resulting in an increase in engagement on your posts.

However, it’s important to come up with your own unique ideas rather than copying others. It’s a popular trend of 2021, but won’t last long and will fade out in some time. Because decks are also becoming saturated, overused, and in most cases copied by others. Many brands are sharing the same information but just presenting them differently.

How to use Social Slide Decks?

Social slide decks are mainly used on LinkedIn and Instagram. They are the best options to use social slide decks on because of the way they handle pictures. Both of these platforms are seeing great success with such posts. These social media platforms have adapted their algorithms to promote these decks a lot better than single-image posts. Brands using social slide decks on their Instagram are gaining plenty of views and popularity.

9. Text Videos Brand Identity Design

It’s a proven fact that videos gain more audience attention than any other advertising medium. They capture the viewer’s attention more thoroughly and longer. With the help of videos, you can promote your brand in a dynamic way. Using video for marketing can leverage your brand on those platforms where images or text doesn’t work.


Social media videos get the attention of four billion viewers on a daily basis. Making a video takes a huge amount of effort. With the pandemic and ongoing situation of the world, creating video content has become even harder. One of the biggest brand identity design trends of 2021 is text videos. Such type of videos has taken over during the time of the pandemic and are still continuing to rule.

Why use Text videos?

Text videos are the easiest ones to make. You can load them with as many branding elements as you want. No need to create graphics or shoot footage for these videos. Depending on your own convenience and preference, you can surely use them. But they are not a necessity to create text videos.

The turnaround time of text videos is fast, so you can share a fair amount of content. It’s an effective way to gain the attention of billions of viewers daily. To get the most out of your text videos, it’s important to know about elements of design. The elements of the design have a major impact on how the viewers perceive content. With the right use, your text video can become attractive to the audience and help you get more views.

How to use text in a social video?

The answer to getting your message across on social platforms is the use of text to optimize social videos. An 85% of videos are watched with the sound off. So, you have to use text videos effectively. While making a text video, keep these few tips in your consideration. Focus on the readability of the video content. Make sure the size of your text is large enough to be read on any size of the screen. Always keep it short and to the point. A single line of text per caption is more than enough. If necessary, break it up into sections or headings. Start with a conclusion and then provide evidence to prove your point. To maximize benefit, end the video with a call to action. This will help you to direct viewers to a specific page or link.

10. Classic and simple fonts


In the year 2020, we have seen many old things making a comeback. Either it is fashion, clothing, or designs. Everything is under the influence of the trends of the past. Classic, vintage, and retro fonts are trending in brand identity design in 2021. Hence, it’s the one trend that every brand identity design can and should follow. These font styles are always current and it’s impossible to make mistakes with them in design. This trend focuses on typography, simple lines, geometric shapes, colors, and volume.

Why use Classic fonts?

The use of these tried-and-true fonts evokes nostalgia, elegance, simplicity, and reliability. It’s one of the main reasons why they are gaining popularity. Additionally, the use of classic fonts gives your site a professional and authentic vibe. While also positioning you as a reliable brand, people can rely on.

How to use Classic fonts?

There is not much needed to use classic fonts in your design. Make effective use of them in a simple and minimalistic design that is clean and colorful. Or in designs with basic or geometric shapes, large headings, and prominent subheadings. To really pack a punch and gain the attention of viewers, throw in some muted colors.

Despite this, some classic fonts are not easy on the user’s eyes so you have to be careful with their use. Use classic fonts for headings and subheadings. Avoid using this font for large paragraphs or lines. To spice things up, add a bit of stylization and artistry. This will help you to stand out and take things to a new level. You can combine old and new fonts to add life to them. It gives them a feeling of nostalgia while also keeping it modern.

Classic Serif

While talking about classic fonts, serif comes at the top. Many people even designers get confused between sans and sans serif. Sans fonts are very basic and curved. While sans-serif has a small but obvious feature on the ends of strokes. This feature is known as Serif.

Serifs are ideal to use in impactful headlines. It gives the overall text an elegant look. This nostalgic typeface is gaining more popularity than any other typeface. More and more brands are adopting the use of serif typefaces in their designs.

11. Authenticity & Authority

With every year passing by, more people are talking about pretense in advertising. Brands making false claims to gain popularity and customers. It may prove to be effective for some time. But once the true color of a brand is shown, it affects its reputation and results in losing many customers. As once a wise man said, “Honesty is the best policy”. Whenever starting a brand or introducing a product, visualize transparency and simplicity.


Authenticity is a defining brand identity design trend of 2021. All the material from brands either it is photographs or content should have a more natural look. You can take an authentic step by introducing user-generated content into your marketing visuals. Share those messages which you are able to back up with your actions. Share behind the scene moments or how your company works. Remember to highlight and mention your staff members on live social channels and posts.

Take a stand for something

There is a lot going on in the world. People need each other’s support to make living better. Younger markets like Millennials and Gen Z expect the brands to take a stand whether economical, societal, or environmental. They believe that brands that don’t stand for something really stand for absolutely nothing. This year is all about taking a stand for an important issue. Ideally, for the same issue, your target audience takes a stance.

Choose a meaningful social cause and work towards making the world a better place. You can always use this to showcase your brand’s authenticity. It’s important to reflect it on your web design and branding material so that more people know what you are about. Talk and spread awareness about it on social media and collaborate with a popular figure in your movement.

12. Cartoon Illustrations Brand Identity Design


One of the “turning heads” brand identity design trends of 2021 are cartoon illustration. It has gained so much popularity, that it’s pretty sure you have already seen one somewhere. These drawing and animations give a strange, whimsical, and fun look to your site. Cartoon illustrations have already taken over the visual identities of many renowned brands.

Why use Cartoon Illustrations?

Using illustrations provides a great opportunity to communicate and convey a message through visuals. By adding these drawings, you gain your audience’s attention while also telling a story. Illustrations allow you to exaggerate your emotion in effective ways. It provides enough room for interpretation and imagination which makes your message helpful and powerful.

It helps to express brand value through the website. However, if your brand’s message and visual identity are more on the serious side, then illustrations are not for you. A playful, fun, and lose illustration will create confusion.

How to use Illustrations in Brand Identity Design?

An illustration isn’t something that you add to your site and it naturally goes with it. There are a lot of things to keep in consideration before opting for this brand identity design. With the correct use, you will be able to add meaning and clarity through your brand identity design illustration system. Firstly, know and understand the brand. It is obvious and shouldn’t be ignored. By knowing the brand and its purpose, you will be able to make illustrations that resonate with the audience.

Also, have a clear understanding of what type of illustrations are needed and how you will use them. Spend an appropriate amount of time doing your research. Go through by works of other illustrators, brands, magazines, and real life. Take inspiration from wherever it’s possible. Try to keep a rough and unedited sketch record. To make your illustrations stand out and special, create a system with your own style. This style should be different and unique but also flexible.

In addition, if you are facing trouble in making a unified collection of illustrations, make a list of rules for yourself. Go over and follow these rules whenever you are creating an illustration. Color is one of the important elements of a design. At an early stage of visual research, create a strategy for a color scheme which you will be using. Furthermore, to make a meaningful brand identity design illustration system, ensure that every element is made for a project vibe with the brand. Remember to play around with your design and be creative. Read more about branding services and landing page optimization

Final thoughts

Branding trends are constantly changing. Most of the 2021 brand identity design trends are a product of last year’s events and consequences. With the ongoing situation, brands have to take a step to spread positivity and bring hope back to the customers. For the first time ever, branding has become more about friendship and emotions than just transactions. Organizations should adopt design principles that spread positivity, create a calming feel, and are aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, these brand identity design trends won’t be effective if you don’t develop them with a thoughtful design plan. Follow these brand identity design trends to stay relevant to your audience in 2021. Check out our latest blog post and Instagram.