YouTube Channels Branding Like A Pro

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YouTube Channel Branding Like A Pro

There’s a sea out there of billions of videos and YouTube channels online. In this oversaturated crowd, it’s hard for a brand to stand out on such platforms. And even to maintain the same reputation in the long run. It takes constant effort, dedication, and hard work. Along with having a clear understanding of how one should proceed or take further steps for maximum success. 

This leads us to the question of how a brand can stand out on this buzzing platform. Branding a YouTube channel is a very specific and complex task. If one gets it right, then it’s equivalent to getting discovered. As with consistent efforts, this one factor can lead to a successful and popular YouTube channel. This is why I will give you a detailed guide on how to brand your YouTube channel. In order to help you shine way above your competitors. And engage with your targeted audience on a whole new level.

How YouTube Branding Can Help Build A Brand?

One of the essential marketing tools is the YouTube channel. And there is no doubt about that. Because according to many studies, a large number of consumers prefer watching videos. Instead of reading a bunch of words. However, building a brand through a YouTube channel is often neglected compared to all other social media channels and platforms. Currently, around 86% of businesses make use of videos for the purpose of marketing. And in case you are not a part of this 86%, then you should probably have a compelling reason. Otherwise, it is not acceptable.

One of the biggest advantages of YouTube channel branding is that it increases brand exposure. While offering you an opportunity to reach a global audience. Additionally, it also optimizes the visibility of your video in the long run. Considering the fact that all the other social media platforms have a short shelf life. From a few hours to a maximum of 2 to 3 days. Overall, it’s a great platform for building your brand’s authority and credibility.

A Guide On How To Brand Your YouTube Channel

This article will help you to brand your YouTube channel successfully. Here’s how:

A Guide On How To Brand Your YouTube Channel

Take A Start By Defining Your Brand

Always start at the very beginning, no matter what. Why? Because it’s always a good place to start. Step one to YouTube channel branding is all about becoming a trustable and recognizable brand. Regardless, if you are just willing to create a brand through your YouTube channel. Or making an addition with this new medium.

For this purpose, it’s best to have some knowledge about branding. And to know the basics of some key branding elements. In order to define your brand, ask yourself some helpful questions. For instance, who you are as a company, what makes you different from others, what is the main purpose and values of your company, and who is your ideal customer.

Afterward, you are all good to apply the three B’s. That is your Brand, the way people perceive your company. Branding, i.e., the act of shaping a unique brand and bringing it to life. Lastly, your brand identity is a set of elements that helps to broadcast your purpose, value, and message. By mastering these elements, you will be able to build a strong brand identity which is essential for YouTube channel branding.

Build A Well Planned And Organized YouTube Channel

Build A Well Planned And Organized YouTube Channe

For sure, you can create a channel on this platform using your personal Google account. But that channel can only be accessed by you. Moreover, it also connects viewers to their personal email addresses, which many people may not prefer. This is why you may want to create a brand account on Google. Just so that when your business grows, multiple users can log into that account. It will enable you to access and manage several YouTube channels.

Your next step will be to get your account verified. Having a verified account allows uploading videos longer than 15 minutes. And also, upload custom thumbnails for your YouTube channel videos. Always make sure to keep your brand style guide in mind. Whenever designing and uploading visual elements of your YouTube channel presence.

These visual elements include your profile picture, banner image, channel description, and trailer. Basically, for the profile picture, you can use your logo. Or a headshot that you use on other social media channels to maintain brand consistency. As this one small image will appear in many places, choose something engaging. A banner image is a perfect place to implement your brand style guide. In order to create a distinctive design that compliments your brand color palette. You can add any helpful info to this banner.

For channel descriptions, you can generally cover what to expect from your brand. And more importantly, about your posting schedule. Lastly, a channel trailer is a featured video on your channel homepage. This trailer should represent what your channel is all about.

Branding The Videos On Your YouTube Channel

For branding your YouTube channel videos, making a good first impression is important. And the title of a video is the first impression to viewers. Additionally, it’s a key factor in optimizing the YouTube channel algorithm. In order to boost SEO, try to include relevant keywords at the beginning of your video title. The video thumbnail is basically the first visual element that a viewer sees. Let your brand shine through it. Always make sure to write a video description while adding the most engaging information. Or even a brief summary of your video.

The Getaway

With the rise in video becoming the medium choice for many brands that are going digital, it’s best to hop on board and launch a YouTube channel. Always remember to be authentic, relevant to your audience, and savvy with the choice of keywords you use. Check out our latest blog post. Check out our Instagram.