Responsive Web Design Infographic

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In the easiest words, Responsive web design can be described as “One size fits all”. It is a flexible web design. One that adjusts the webpage as per the device screen size. Not only it provides a better web page look. But also a good user experience. They are designed to provide a good user interface. And a better user experience on any device. Including mobile, PC, tablet, laptop, etc. Such designs are able to resize according to the device’s needs. With the help of JS, HTML, CSS, and JQUERY.

Benefits of Responsive Web Design

With the continued rise of mobile usage, going responsive has countless present and future benefits. Most importantly, it can save you money and time. You may ask how? Investing your resources in developing one robust site. Because in case, you are not aware of, there are more than 200 different screen sizes. You will save yourself from the cost of building and maintaining two or several separate sites.

However, if you use a Content Management System (CMS).  Then you will have some added benefits. One of them will be to make any updates in just one place. You will only have to use one set of source codes. No matter in how many ways you will display your content. A responsive web design will adjust according to screen size and resolution. Then, will resize and reposition elements on the page accordingly. The size of images, texts, and other elements will change. In order to provide the best reading and viewing experience. Even the behavior of navigation and menus will change. Just so that it displays the most important content first. Read more about elements of graphic design and responsive design.

According to statistics, a great mobile experience makes a huge difference to consumers. In order to deliver this mobile experience. Make sure to utilize the responsive web design. You can also use some tips and tricks for an effective mobile-friendly design. Additionally, it will offer long-term benefits. Along with keeping up with the growing competition in the industry. Also, don’t forget to avail of the useful information from our latest blog post.

For more information, check out this simple illustrated responsive web design detailed guide.