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What are wireframes used for?

Wireframes are the most essential aspect of the UI/UX design process. They are a two-dimensional illustration or blueprint of a page’s interface. These wireframes specifically focus on space allocation. And prioritization of content, intended behavior, and all the functionalities available. Not to mention, they are extremely useful to assist programmers and designers. In order to think and communicate about the structure of the website or software. For all of these reasons, wireframes don’t include any sort of styling, color, or graphics. Additionally, they help establish relationships between a site’s various templates.


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Along with all the other benefits it has to offer. Basically, wireframes help you to serve multiple purposes. Including:

  • Firstly, the determination of intended functionality in the interface.
  • Additionally, clarification of consistent ways. In order to display particular types of information on the user interface.
  • The connection of the website’s information architecture to the visual design. Solely, by showing paths between pages.
  • Lastly, the prioritization of content through the determination of how much space a specific item will take. And where to align that specific item.

Moreover, whenever creating wireframes. Always remember that simplicity is the way to go. As they act as a guide to where the major navigation is. And content elements of a site appear on a page. Apparently, there are two things to avoid at any cost. That is colors and images. Additionally, no matter what, only use one generic font. Because they are just not part of the discussion. However, you can resize the font for headings.

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