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User Research

What is User Research?

Before looking into the reasons for doing user research, first, let’s understand what “user research” actually means. At times, it is also called design research. Generally, user research covers a wide range of different methods. In order to expose problems and many design opportunities. And to find important information that can be used in the design process.

User research
User research

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In general, this particular research majorly focuses on few things. Including user’s needs, behavior, and motivations. By using observation techniques, task analysis, and other feedback methodologies. In simple words, it is basically the process of understanding the impact of design on the target audience. The purpose of performing this research is to improve various areas of your website. Including the usability of products, services, or processes. By incorporating experimental and observational research methods. In order to guide the design, development, and refinement of a product. Oftentimes, user researchers work in collaboration with the designers, programmers, and engineers at all stages of product creation, launching, and idealization.


However, there are countless methods of research available in the field. But for a better understanding of when to use which method. It will be extremely helpful to view them along with a 3-dimensional framework with the following axes:

  • Qualitative vs. quantitative
  • Attitudinal vs. behavioral
  • Context of use

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