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Types of Logos

Types of Logos and its Important

A logo is a small image that symbolizes one’s business. Any business can be all ready to take off. But if it doesn’t have a perfect logo to represent its brand, there is absolutely no point. There are many types of logos but a well-designed logo will create positive associations between your brand and the target audience. All in the form of a visual cue. But the question is what types of logos will work well for your business? Well, there are many options to choose from. With technology and advancement, these logos will keep expanding. However, we’ve gathered some information and made a list for you to make the whole logo selection process easier.

types of logos
types of logos

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What are the types of logos?

These are types of logos, First, on our list, we have image-based logos. These logos use images to send a particular message about the brand they are representing. Pictorial marks or brand marks are made up of a graphic icon or symbol. Hence, can be considered simple and minimal. In most cases, such logos represent a real-life object. For example, Apple, Twitter, Target, etc. Abstract logos have some concepts behind them.

In easy words, they are the “think about the bigger picture” logos. Indeed, they consist of just a symbol. But these are tailored for a particular brand. It expresses something specific about a brand. Now, comes the most family-friendly types of logos i.e., Mascots. They include an image of a person or character who acts as your spokesperson. Most importantly, the majority of your advertising will be centered around that character. As they act as the visual representation of your brand.

The most used type of logo is name-based

Now, another most used types of logos are name-based. As suggested by the name itself, they don’t use any images or icons. They primarily use a strong color palette and typeface to make their mark. Logos that consist of text only are called Wordmark logos. All they consist of is some kind of particular font or typeface. Monograms or Lettermarks are those logos that just use the abbreviated initials of a company. They are completely typography-based. And you can spice up the design according to your own preference. Lastly, we have letterform logos. In easy words, they are the minimalist cousin of monogram logos. These types of logos consist of just one letter. But to catch the viewer’s attention, they should be bold and beautiful. Read more about logo design, typography logo and star wars logo.


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