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Principles of Design

What are the Principles of Design?

A principle of something means its rule. Just like any other discipline, there are also some principles of design. All of these rules must be followed by a designer to create a visually appealing and effective design. The fundamental principles of design include Contrast, Emphasis, White Space, Alignment, Balance, Proportion, Movement, and Repetition. For a newbie, you might be tempted to be creative and use five different typefaces and colors. You may believe you are creating something new and out of the box. But in the end, you will probably get a design with an unfinished and plain ugly look.

principles of design
principles of design

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How to use the principles of design?

The first one is the emphasis of a design. Before diving into any principles of design, make a mental outline. You have to know what piece of information your audience needs to see first. Let yourself organize the information in your brain and then lay out your design in a way that communicates effectively. Whatever is the most essential piece of information, place it in the center or turn it into the biggest element of your design. Balance and alignment are the most important principles of design.

Symmetrical designs are pleasing to the viewer’s eye. Contrast is something that gives your whole design pop. It creates space and difference between elements. Then we have repetition which strengthens and unifies a design. Proportion in a design considers the weight of the elements and how they relate to one another. If you master all of the above-mentioned principles of design, proportion should merge organically. Movement in a design means controlling the elements of a design. In such a way that the viewer’s eyes move from one to the next and communicate properly to the target audience. Lastly, comes the importance of enough white space in a design. White space or negative space creates organization and hierarchy in the design.

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