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Photoshop Design

What can you create in Photoshop design?

Photoshop design is Adobe’s software for raster image editing, digital art, photo and video retouching for numerous file formats, and graphic design. It was developed and published by Adobe Inc. for macOS and Windows except for Linux. Originally created in the year 1988 by John Knoll and Thomas. But then John sold the program to Adobe systems in 1989. That was then launched in the market as “Photoshop”. Since that day, the program has been thriving while becoming the industry standard for raster graphics editing. The software has gained immense popularity. Thus, has become a generic trademark, leading to using the name as a verb. For instance, photoshopping, photoshopping an image, etc. It offers its user depth and flexibility in the whole designing or editing process.


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Basically, it allows the users to create, enhance or edit images. Also, artwork and illustrations. Apparently, everything is possible with Adobe Photoshop Design. Either it is changing backgrounds. Or creating an alternative view of the universe. Or even simulating a real-life painting. Additionally, the tools within the software make it easy to edit. Either it is individual images or large batches of photos.

Versions of Photoshop

However, there are several versions of Photoshop design. That a person can choose from. Thus, according to their own needs. Including Photoshop Elements, Photoshop CC, Photoshop Express, and Photoshop Lightroom. Additionally, a version of Photoshop for iOS is also available. But with reduced features. For the customer’s convenience, Adobe Photoshop is available on its own. As a subscription package that includes Photoshop Lightroom. And as a part of the bigger Creative Cloud Subscription.

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