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Top-Notch Logo Designs To Represent Your Brand

Every company needs a high-quality logo design, just as unique as its brand. Collaborate with the professional logo designers of Artisticore to create a visually appealing and high-impact logo design for your company.

The right logo design for a brand says everything about it. That too, without even saying a single word. A brand’s logo is exclamatory. Basically, it’s the face of your brand. One that any user first comes across. This one small image evokes a sense of connection between the brand and its consumers. It plays a key role in establishing a strong bond. Between a company and all the other people that get in contact with it. Show More

Whenever considering the main factors that go into building a successful business. A great logo design might not seem like a priority, at first. But it’s crucial to have one that represents your company in the best way possible. As having a logo design is an integral part of establishing a successful brand. Along with having quality products and positive referrals.A logo design conveys a series of virtues. And a set of values without even several pages of copy and a team of copywriters. It expresses the feelings of trust, honor, pride, integrity, and excellence. While acting as a symbol of success and a commitment to the user. To sum it up, you can’t expect your brand to grow without an eye-catching logo design.

Before diving into all the benefits, it has to offer. First, let us understand what actually a logo design is.

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    What Is A Logo Design?

    Logos are symbols, graphic marks, emblems, or small icons that are made up of text and images. A brand’s logo act as the “face” of that brand. A well-designed and professional logo design help the customers to identify a brand. There is a wide variety of logo designs one can choose from. Depending on the type of logo you choose; it can consist of a brandmark and a logotype. However, if you want, you can also add a tagline. But it’s not mandatory.

    A great graphic design logo plays a key role in representing the purpose of a company and its brand value. Similarly, it is all about creating a perfect and attention-grabbing visual brand mark for any company. A graphic design logo for a company builds a bridge between your brand and your prospective customers. Graphic design logos serve two primary purposes. Firstly, it helps to build a brand’s personality. And give the company an overall brand personality. Secondly, it conveys what your brand is all about.

    What Makes A Logo Design Great updated

    Why Having A Logo Is Important?

    For any brand, it’s crucial to have a logo that represents their company and its product or services. To understand its importance, let’s take a look at some points.


    To Grab Attention

    In this busy world, the attention span of consumers is really short. And by really, I mean not even a minute. In general, a brand only gets 2 seconds to grab the viewer’s attention. Additionally, to convince potential customers that your products are worth their time and consideration. This short attention span results in consumers judging your business by its appearance. And you can make the most out of it by having a good logo fonts that speaks for your brand. A professional logo design helps to communicate your company’s core value in the most interesting way.


    To Make A Strong First Impression

    To keep in mind, you only have one chance to get this right. There are no trials or changing your logo frequently. As it will ruin your brand’s consistency. Your company’s first introduction to consumers is your logo. If your logo design is unique and grabs the viewer’s attention at first glance. Then there are chances, it can pique the interest of users. And invite them to explore more about your company and its products. A strong first impression is a way to communicate ownership, at an instance. Over the product, you are selling or the niche you dominate.


    To Establish The Foundation Of Your Brand Identity

    For successful branding, the visual elements of a brand are equally important. It is all about conveying your brand’s story and who you are. In such a way, that it will influence your customer’s emotions. Although, it is absolutely true that a logo design is only a teeny tiny part of a company’s brand. But it serves as the foundation of the entire narrative on which a brand is built. The tones, colors, fonts, and all the other elements are determined by the story you’re trying to tell. And essentially, your logo sets the whole stage for the story.

    Types Of Logos

    Having basic knowledge about logos is surely important. But it’s not all that you need to know. Especially, if you are looking to create a logo design for your brand. Choosing the right type of logo is not an easy peasy task. And it becomes more difficult when you have no idea about what are your options. Well, don’t worry. For your convenience, here are a few types of logos that you need to know about.

    A mascot logo is the perfect blend of great ideas and designs. Basically, it is a logo design that consists of a character. This character can be anything like an object, person, or animal. Designed to represent a collective design idea. While also keeping into consideration the brand identity and values. Additionally, the character of this design acts as the ambassador, avatar, or spokesperson of your brand. However, it’s not just a basic logo. But something in between the field of logo design and illustration.

    One of the most simple and classic types of logos is the typography logo. It is an entirely text-based logo like star wars logo. Those are set in a specific design to catch the viewer’s attention. Commonly, a typographic logo uses two main elements i.e., fonts and colors. This type of logo helps one to express their brand’s character. Through the use of letter style, distinct colors, and clear font tweaks. Apart from this, there is always room for creativity. You can incorporate imagery or symbols if you want. But, no matter how simple it is, for a great typographic logo, fire logo, you will need an expert designer.

    types of logo


    To Be Remembered

    Basically, your logo leads the horse to water. Now, what does this means? Here, the horse refers to your target audience and the water means your company. In easy words, your logo leads the target audience to your brand. A logo design is a point of identification. As they are the symbol that many customers use to recognize a brand. A well-designed logo is an aesthetically pleasing element. One that triggers a positive recall about your brand. That even the name of your company alone might not be able to.


    To Stand Out In The Industry Competition

    Every little detail of your brand matters. Particularly, when it comes to separating yourself from the competition. If you really want to stand out in the industry, then your logo is probably the first place you want to begin with. In this case, you have to be creative with your logo. Because your company’s logo tells the viewers how your business is unique from the others. If done right, your logo design can easily communicate everything about your business. Either it is your company’s background or its missions.

    what is logo design

    What Makes A Logo Design Great?

    As mentioned above, a logo is a symbol or an icon that represents a brand or company. Once you put aside all the mainstream design trends and fads. There are a few things that a logo must be:

    • Representing your brand and brand name
    • Instantly recognizable
    • Timeless
    • Versatile

    No matter what you choose for your logo. But whenever designing a custom logo, keep in mind, that it should exist only to serve and strengthen the four points listed above.

    Why You Need A High Quality, Professional Logo?

    Your logo can literally be a piece of art and completely useless at the same time. Because that’s just not the main function of a logo. A brand’s logo acts as the building block of a business, which is crucial to create a strong brand identity. Mainly because you will use this logo almost everywhere. Such as websites, business cards, labels, product packaging, social media platforms, etc. Even on printed materials, customized t-shirts, signs, and many other. Any place where you want to identify your business.

    Your logo must be eye-catching and unique. In order to stand out in the industry competition. And only a professional designer can help create a high-quality custom logo. One that represents your brand name and meets all your business needs. A professional logo designer like us can provide you visually appealing logo designs and logo ideas. Not just any generic clip art or stock art. But designs that help you grow as a brand.

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    Stop wasting your time anywhere else, and immediately get in contact with us. We have a team of professional logo designers with over a decade of industry experience who are here to help you build your brand. Get production-ready files for digital or print use.

    Logo Designs That You Have Never Seen Before

    Attention-grabbing logo designs that drive results. We ensure to provide an end result that meets all your company’s requirements. Along with unlimited revisions, just in case you are not happy with your logo design project.

    Unlimited Revisions

    If somehow, you are not 100% satisfied with the final product. Or just want to add or change a few things like the color, font, or any other design element. Feel free to contact us, in order to create a final design of the company’s logo that fits just right to your needs.

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    Get all the support you need, and whenever you need it. Don’t worry about wasting your time waiting for confirmations or even just for a response. Our team is available by chat, phone, and email, at all times, to provide you any kind of help that you need.

    Loads Of Choices

    Our utmost priority is our customer satisfaction and to provide them with the best UI/UX design only. This is why we believe in giving our customers loads of choices. You can be rest assured to receive multiple iterations of your logo design. Each of them is aligned with your personal preferences. And also, in-tune with your brand’s personality. You just have to pick the one that best resonates with you.

    Get Logos In Any Desired File

    As a leading graphic design agency, delivering high-quality logo designs is a must. We can’t compromise on the design and quality of our logo. All our logo designs are delivered in file formats that allow preserving the quality of it. Just so that you can resize it easily.

    Additionally, we also provide numerous resize versions for your logo. This makes it easy for our customers to use it across all their social media channels. Absolutely no need to use any other resize tool. Artisticore

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    First, it’s important to understand why you need a logo in the first place. Always keep an eye on your industry competition. Look for inspiration and make a mood board. Then choose your design style, type of logo, color, and typography. Lastly, communicate with a designer to bring your idea to life.

    Not going to sugarcoat it, designing a logo isn’t easy. It may seem simple to someone who isn’t familiar with the process. But it’s challenging and requires a lot of research to create an effective logo design that represents a brand.

    To design a logo, start by extracting ideas and concepts that you have in mind. Most probably, you will want to brainstorm logo ideas specifically when you are at your creative peak. If you want to bring your ideas to visual, then creating a mood board is your best option.

    To design a logo, start by extracting ideas and concepts that you have in mind. Most probably, you will want to brainstorm logo ideas specifically when you are at your creative peak. If you want to bring your ideas to visual, then creating a mood board is your best option.

    Some of the golden rules of logo design are; to always work in one color, minimalistic and simple, precise details, great choice of fonts, and minimal special effects.

    In order to make a catchy logo, keep a few things in mind. Make the most of empty spaces, shapes, and colors. Be literal and authoritative with your company’s logo. You can also create visual salience by adding a pop of color.

    In general, bad logos are often too loud, too confusing, too bright, or cluttered. They just don’t make sense at all. And don’t even fit with the quality of a brand.

    The five characteristics that instantly make a logo identifiable are; simple, versatile, memorable, timeless, and relevant.

    Any great logo is appropriate, practical, distinctive, graphic, and simple in form. It easily conveys the brand’s intended message without even speaking a single word.

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