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Interaction Design

What is meant by interaction design?

Interaction design can be defined as the practice of designing interactive digital products. Also, systems, services, and environments. It is often abbreviated as IxD. In this design, all of the designer’s focus goes beyond just the item in development. It is used to include the way users will interact with it. For this purpose, the user’s needs, contexts, limitations, etc., are closely observed. As it helps to empower designers to customize the end result according to the business demands.

Interaction design
Interaction design

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Apart from the digital aspect. Such designs are also useful for creating physical products. In general, there are some common topics of IxD design. That is software development, design, and human-computer interaction. Similar to other design fields. Basically, interaction design also has an interest in form. But its main area of focus is behavior. Instead of examining how things actually are. And how they work. Primarily, this design synthesizes and visualizes things. As they could be, in the future.

Particularly, for UX designers. Hence, this design is the center on which our whole work revolves. Thus, the term also applies to gaining a better understanding. Specifically about how people interact with non-digital products.

The Five Dimensions

Additionally, all the designer work in interaction design involves five dimensions. That is words (1D), visual representations (2D), physical space/objects (3D), time (4D), and lastly, behavior (5D).

  • Words or 1D defines interaction. As this one element directly interacts with the user.
  • Visual representations are the graphical elements that the user perceives.
  • 3D refers to the objects or space with which the users interact.
  • Time basically relates to the media that changes with time such as video, animation, etc.
  • Behavior refers to how users respond to that specific interface.

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