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Information Architecture

What is meant by information architecture?

This one particular task is quite often shared by developers, designers, and content strategists. But no matter who takes on this task. Information Architecture is a field of its own. With tools, influences, and resources that are worth all the investigation.

To put it into easy words, it is the structural design of shared information environments. That is the art and science of labeling and organizing websites. Including intranets, online communities, and software to support findability and usability. Additionally, an emerging community of practice focused just on bringing principles of design, architecture, and information science. All to the digital landscape in an effective and sustainable way. The aim of Information Architecture is to help users find information and complete tasks easily.

Information architecture
Information architecture

Information Architecture Basics

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In order to be successful in this, you need to know quite a few things. First and foremost, you need to have a diverse understanding of industry standards. For creating, storing, accessing, and presenting any kind of information.


The main components of IA are:

  • Organization structures and schemes i.e., how you categorize and structure the information.
  • Labeling systems i.e., how you represent a specific piece of information.
  • Navigation systems i.e., how the visitors browse or move through information.
  • Search systems i.e., how the users search for information.

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