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Color Theory

What is the importance of color theory in graphic design?

An important element of graphic design is color. And to design a visually appealing design, you need to have enough knowledge about color theory. Color theory is the art of using color. And has some science behind it, to support the right use of color at the right time. It provides an explanation of how humans perceive specific colors. Also, the visual effects of how colors mix, match, or contrast with each other. This theory includes the message colors communicate and the method to replicate any particular color.

color theory
color theory

What are the 3 categories in the color wheel?

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Color theory has all the colors organized on a color wheel. This wheel is grouped into three different categories including primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. The very first color wheel was designed by Sir Isaac Newton in the year 1666. To date, artists and designers use the color wheel to develop color harmonies, mixing, and palettes. Primary colors include three colors i.e., red, yellow, and blue. Secondary colors are those colors that are created by mixing primary colors. As a result, we get purple, orange, and green. Lastly, we have tertiary colors. These colors are made by mixing primary and secondary colors. Such as red-violet or blue-green.

Why is color theory important?

Additionally, color theory helps to build a brand. That eventually will help you get more sales. To understand this concept, you have to understand colors, in particular. Basically, color is a perception. Whenever our eyes see something, data is sent from our eyes to the brain to tell us it’s a certain color. Every object you see reflects light in different combinations of wavelengths. Then the human brain picks up on those wavelength combinations. And translate them into a specific color.

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