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Build Your Brand With An Appealing Brand Identity Strategy

When it comes to building your brand, finding a graphic design agency is one of the most important aspects of initially starting and operating a business. Building a strong brand identity doesn’t happen overnight or even in a single week. Exactly like one’s personal identity makes them unique from others. A strong brand identity is the special topping for any business that sets them apart from its competitors.

A large number of people mistake brand identity as just an image or logo. While in reality, it’s so much more than that. The way you portray the brand of your business creates an emotional connection with your viewers and potential customers. As a matter of fact, it’s also crucial for a business’s success. Show More

However, you can’t just pick out a few colors and slap together a basic logo. And call it a day. You have to approach your brand design strategically. For this purpose, your best guess is to hire a professional graphic design agency. A team of deep thinkers, with strong communication and design skills, and a clear understanding of your brand. Well, if you are searching for one, then look no further because Artisticore graphic design agency is here to provide all the solutions to your problem.

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    What Is Brand Identity And Why Is It Important for Graphic Design Agency?

    Before diving into the important stuff, let us first learn what a brand identity is. Is it just your logo, infographic style, or color palette? Well, it’s all that and so much more.

    According to a branding pro, a brand identity is the outward expression of one’s brand including its name, trademark, logo, products, communication, and visual appearance. On the other side, for the viewers, it is the sum total of how a brand looks, feels, and speaks to them. In easy words, brand identity is a collection of all the elements that a business creates to display just the right image to its consumers.

    Apart from that, it is an easy way of communication with the outside world. While standing out from your competition and creating a brand experience that motivates people to engage more with you. Many different brands elevate their brand identity to a form of art (such as LEGO, Apple, Levi’s). On the other hand, some brands make their entrance into the playing field.

    Unfortunately, a number of brands face difficulty in establishing a brand identity. Because they aren’t able to figure out who they are as a brand and how to communicate effectively. This is where it’s best to opt for a professional graphic design agency that helps you along the process. It can be for small projects or even for big ones.

    No matter where you fall on this spectrum. It is quite definite that in order to be a competitive and successful company, crafting a strong brand identity is compulsory. When you succeed at communicating who you are as a brand, you automatically communicate better with customers. And from a better and stronger relationship with them, that you need for long-term success.

    brand identity

    What Does A Brand Identity Include in a Graphic Design Business?

    As we have mentioned above, a logo isn’t all that a brand identity includes. Your brand design is the one thing that will build the identity of your company. Whenever designing your identity, you will need to create a comprehensive visual language. A simple visual language that can be applied all over your brand. Quite literally everything, from your website to your product packaging. Every single item should represent your brand’s identity. Corporate design elements, such as imagery, color palette, tone of voice, etc., are the tangible elements that determine how a brand is perceived. It can be anything like your logo, packaging, web design, social media graphics, business card, or even the uniform your employee wears.

    Eventually, if you nail your brand design then you nail at establishing your brand identity. As a result, you build a successful business that’s an accurate representation of who you are as a brand. Later on, this offers you some great benefits, for both short- and long-term success. Now, if we discuss what a brand identity includes, the answer varies. Mainly because it totally depends on your brand, the type of content you plan to create, and the services or product you provide. Your needs can be more expansive or limited.

    For Your Brand Design

    If you are thinking of creating your design assets, then you may need to start the ground up and lock in the basics of your design structure. These basics act as the building block of your brand identity. Some of the building blocks that you should determine before you create your design assets are following:



    Firstly, on our list, we have color. Not only they help you to create a visually appealing design. But also have some psychological ties with humans to different colors. To make the most out of this design asset, consider getting professional graphic design services. As a graphic design agency consists of professionals, they have more knowledge about how and when to utilize the color palette. Additionally, using branding colors and logo colors strategically can create a serious impact on how a brand is perceived by the target audience.

    Every single color created to date conveys a specific emotion to the viewer. For instance, this is what some of the colors can do to help your brand identity. Red is widely known for being the color of excitement and passion. It’s your go-to color if your brand identity is youthful, exciting, and loud. The color Black gives a modern and sophisticated look. No doubt, there’s nothing as effective and classic as black. If you want to gain your audience’s trust, then opt for blue. It’s the only universally appealing color in the whole spectrum.

    Just like the above-mentioned ones, every color has a different impact on the viewers. So whenever making a decision on what color to choose for your brand design, choose wisely. Or leave it to the professionals by collaborating with a graphic design agency.



    As the name suggests, typography refers to the typeface or font you choose for your branding materials. Along with all the other elements, it's equally important to choose the right logo and brand fonts. It has a major impact on the overall look of your brand. While also saying a lot about your brand. All stages have their own unique challenges. But, at times, choosing the right typography can be a little tricky in a visual language. Especially when all the brands follow the latest trends. The thing about following trends is that they are hot for some time, but quickly become outdated.

    To make the whole process simpler and easier, limit the number of font families to a maximum of 2-3. In general, it includes primary and secondary brand typefaces for each specific purpose. Such as the UI typeface, body copy typeface, etc. There are four most common and major types of typography. Including Sans Serif, Serif, Script, and the Display fonts. Sans serif is a simple font made up of clean lines but without the tails. While Serif is the one with a decorative line to the beginning or end of each letter. The script is another typeface that emulates cursive handwriting. It is a great way to add a feminine or luxurious feel to your whole brand. Lastly, display fonts are completely different from all the others. Each type of display font has a specialized element.



    Lastly, while talking about brand design, how can we miss out on forms and shapes. When giving branding or marketing the first thought, shapes may not seem a necessity to think about. It might be a subtle element of design but also an effective one. Particularly, it can be used to increase the chances of getting the desired reaction from your potential customers. Making the right choice when choosing a shape is important. Each shape you use sends a unique and particular message. Also, it’s crucial that your choice of shape goes hand in hand with your corporate values.

    According to a survey, people tend to remember shapes more easily. And associate different shapes with certain expressions and emotions. You can accomplish your brand identity strategy by using some of these tips and tricks. Replace the letters with shapes, integrate shape into a graphic, use triangles to point in a specific direction, or by interrupting one shape with another.

    You can shape your brand identity by using different forms or shapes. For example, out of all the shapes, straight lines have their own implication. Horizontal lines suggest the feeling of mellow vibes and tranquility. While vertical lines suggest strength and masculinity. Circles and round shapes convey the feeling of warmth and fuzzies. By using round shapes, you can create a feeling of love, unity, and community. Shapes that are straight-edged make viewers think of efficiency and strength.

    For Designing Your Brand Identity

    Once you are done with your brand design aka the building blocks of your design, it’s about time to move on to establishing your brand identity. To begin this process, you have to work with a professional designer. In order to bring your brand identity to life and represent who you are as a brand, introduce tangible design assets in your marketing strategy. There is no restriction to the number of elements you

    But depending on what your business is about, one asset or another may be less or more important.

    For instance, if you are an owner of a restaurant, then you may need to focus on your menu and physical space. While for a digital media agency, your focus should be your website and social media platforms. Some of the elements that you should consider while establishing your brand identity are:

    brand identity



    Every element used as a part of a brand’s identity influences each other. But it generally starts from the logo. A logo acts as the face of your brand. And the cornerstone of your brand identity. It is a small and simple visual representation of your brand and its services. Your logo should be able to convey who you are as a brand, your value, and your brand’s message. A successful and effective brand identity is all about telling a strong story that hits right in the customer’s emotion. If your logo fails to grab the viewer’s attention, then there is no use in putting all your efforts elsewhere.

    It can consist of an image, symbol, text combination, or your brand’s tagline. Depending on the brand and what goes hand in hand with the whole look of it. To design a visually appealing and meaningful logo, you may want to avail professional graphic design services. When working with an expert designer, make sure to collaborate while keeping these things in your consideration. First and foremost, your logo should communicate who you are and what your values are, as a brand.

    Must be visually appealing while also being clean and simple. Avoid the clutter by removing unnecessary elements. Never participate in the rat race of following the latest trends. As they turn into a total waste after a specific amount of time. Instead, opt for classic designs. If you are working with a graphic design agency, then the utmost benefit is that you will get your logo delivered in multiple formats. So, you won’t have to worry about getting the right format.


    Web Design

    There are slight chances that your viewer may miss out on the logo of your brand. But it’s almost impossible for one to not notice the design of your website. Not only is it the biggest and most obvious part of your brand identity. But also, all the important actions take place on your site. From finding out your contact information and store location to placing an order. Basically, it’s the most representative aspect of your brand identity.

    So, your web design has the power to make or break your first impression. Especially when your business is completely based online. Or in case you are running a digital product. No matter what, it’s a sure thing that your customer will definitely visit your website before deciding to do business with you. With all the benefits a well-designed website offers you, it also helps you to communicate and represent the purpose of your brand. This is the reason why your website should be the place where your brand identity should come through in full force.

    For this purpose, you can also hire a professional branding agency that will make the whole process easier. As any great branding agency has expertise in creating and launching new brands. And even rebranding the old ones.


    Product Packaging

    Depending on what services you offer, you will have to think about many small details that make the cut in the end product. If your business offers a product, a physical one, then the product packaging is highly important. It is the key to attracting and encouraging the right customers to make the purchase.

    No matter if you are designing the container of your skincare product. Or thinking to send a mail to your potential customers. Never ever underestimate the value of a good design to enhance the user experience. And most importantly, to drive trust, loyalty, and repeated purchases. No doubt, it is a must-avail opportunity for your design to shine. Either it’s a small project of creating a single product packaging or multiple ones. It's best to avail professional graphic design services by an individual or by hiring a graphic design agency like Artisticore.

    brand identity

    What Is Brand Identity And Why Is It Important?

    With all the information provided above, it’s not enough to just design all these elements. And hoping for the best. It’s crucial to make sure that your design is not only visually appealing but also effective. Building a strong brand identity is important for countless reasons. You have to ensure that your brand identity works for everyone. By everyone, we mean, both your internal team and the people who will come in interaction with it. Including content creators, brand ambassadors, customers, etc. When you go forth with your design process, keep these few points in consideration to build a strong brand identity.

    • Firstly, make sure that it is easy to apply. It should be clear and intuitive for designers to use.
    • Your brand identity should help you to stand out in the industry and grab the viewer’s attention.
    • Every single element should complement the overall identity of your brand
    • Ensure that every design element is flexible enough to grow and evolve with the brand.

    Even if a single element out of these goes missing. It will become challenging for the branding agency to do its job well. Additionally, without a strong brand identity, your media agency won’t be able to succeed in its marketing strategy, as well.

    How Graphic Design Helps To Build Your Brand

    Whenever looking for a corporate graphic design, there are always a few factors to consider. Each graphic design that you use must provide you the options and a plan that contributes to the success of your business. A poorly designed graphic will ruin the whole image of your brand. That is why it is recommended to hire a graphic design agency that has just the right expertise in designing. Or in case, you don’t prefer this option for yourself and your brand, opt for individual graphic design services.

    There are quite a few ways by which your business can grow through the right use of graphic design

    It helps to convey the right impression and message of your brand to the customers. With the right kind of graphics on your corporate site or brand, you can clear all the doubts in your potential customer’s mind.

    Apart from graphic designs, branding is also equally important. With a perfect branding strategy, all of these aspects are useless. You have to make the right choices at every step of your business. This is where you should think about the idea of hiring a branding agency. Once all of this is set and in place, you can take a step further by collaborating with a media agency that provides you with marketing and advertising solutions.

    brand identity

    To Conclude

    Graphic designs are a vital ingredient for a successful online business. At times, it is often overlooked. But there is no denial in how it can change the complete look of your brand. And take it to a whole new level. With the right level of graphic designs and professionalism, your business can do the most with its online presence.

    This is the reason why finding the best graphic design agency is important. One that provides the solution to all your problems. Artisticore, the best graphic design agency in the industry, is your way to go. Not only we will help you build your brand. But also, can net you higher gains for your business. Our team of professionals ensures to optimize designs that can increase your exposure. While also resulting in more conversions and sales leads.

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    Brand identity includes all the visual elements of a brand. We have quite a few examples to provide you i.e., Adventurous skydive, Winck Web design, Rhino Hills Resort, and many more. However, you can also head over to our proud work page.

    Creating a brand identity is a detailed process in which it’s a must to follow every single step. Some of the basic steps include researching your audience, design a logo, integrate a language that you can use to connect, know what to avoid, and always monitor your brand.

    There is a vast difference between brand identity and brand strategy. Brand identity includes all the visual elements that help to identify and distinguish a brand. While brand strategy is a plan that helps to achieve the long-term goals of your brand.

    It’s a fact that without a good brand identity, your brand can never be recognizable. It helps to build a strong relationship of loyalty and trust with the customers. While also increasing revenue. And most importantly, it communicates your brand’s personality.

    A personal brand identity allows an individual to represent their work, experience and highlight their true strengths. With the help of personal brand identity, one becomes able to define what makes them important. If done right, it can be the easiest way to become an authority.

    Brand identity is a lot more than just having a logo. Some of the important elements of brand identity are Wordmark or Logo, Corporate Font, Style consistency, shape and form, taglines, and all the other visual elements.

    In order to build a company’s brand, it’s crucial to follow these four essential steps; determine your target audience, position your product and business, define your company’s personality and lastly, choose a logo and slogan.

    A strong brand identity is a result of consistency in the use of all of its visible elements. Some of the tools you can make the most of to create a strong brand identity are logo, typography, email marketing, social media, color palette, website, and presentations.

    To put it into simple words, a brand identity is a collection of all the visual elements which work together to create a consistent, unified, and flexible brand asset. That effectively communicates the brand value to the target audience.

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