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Author: Artisticore

graphic design courses

5 Best Graphic Design Courses Online

Learning graphic design courses can be challenging at times. More than you can imagine. Especially at those times when you are just trying to break into the design industry. Graphic design plays a vital part in modern businesses and our everyday lives. It is an

Build Your ideinty square

Reasons Why Branding Is Important

According to the Cambridge dictionary, branding is the act of giving a company a certain design or symbol. For the purpose of advertising its products and services. It was a pretty accurate description of branding but only a few years ago. In recent times, branding

freelance graphic design

Top Rated Freelance Graphic Design Platforms

A super quick search on Google will show you all the results on how thousands of freelance graphic design platforms are available online. With all of these freelance graphic design platforms out there, it’s important to know that not all of them are reliable. You

whiteboard animation

How To Make An Appealing Whiteboard Animation Video?

You have probably heard about the power of whiteboard animation videos. The potential they have to educate an audience about any concept or information is immense. It is also an easy way to present an idea that sells.  What Is a Whiteboard Animation Video? Whiteboard