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2D Design

What is 2D design?

2D design or two-dimensional design from the basic foundation of graphic design. And also, visual communication. In easy words, 2d designs are composed of only two dimensions i.e., the width and the length. The whole process starts with the basic mark-making or drawing concepts such as shapes, lines, or any other design. It is done to an extent of understanding how to define and make use of the picture plane. Then compositional strategies are applied such as the figure-ground relationships, proportion, space, and scale. As well as the visual elements like texture, color, and patterns. For this purpose, graphic designers are easily able to visually communicate emotions and ideas to a viewer.

2d design
2d design

What are the basic elements of 2D design?

As a matter of fact, artists use the foundation principles for awareness and self-expression.

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While graphic designers apply these principles to the challenge of visual communication. Solely, because of this purpose graphic designers more often use the two-dimensional 2D Design basics with great efficiency. Additionally, this enables them to make the most out of a few visual elements at any time. For best results, designers should have a firm grasp of the basics. As they are essential to make a visually appealing and effective design. In order to make a 2d design, you need to know about the elements and their importance. Including, color, line, space, value/tone, texture, and shape. As well as the basic principles of design. Such as balance (symmetrical or asymmetrical), repetition or rhythm, emphasis, harmony, proportion, scale, contrast, depth, and movement.

Artisticore Expert Designers can create 2D Designs for you

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